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Summer is here, and the sun is shining brighter (and hotter) than ever! We may be living in very different circumstances than before, but true travelers can’t plan their return to the skies soon enough. For athletes, this time is usually meant for taking advantage of the weather during this season for some unforgettable athletic experiences–water sports are an especially popular choice! As the travel industry slowly recovers and stabilizes after the latest pandemic, some countries have even started offering to cover part of the traveler’s vacation or lodging expenses in an effort to encourage tourism once again. This is sure to have many people planning their next trip to places like Sicily or Japan.

If you’re one of them and just committed to an adventurous Capri Boat Trip or a plane to some relaxing zen resort in advance, buying travel insurance should be one of the things you should seriously consider. After all, you did just spend a bunch of money for your vacation – you might as well protect it in case something were to happen!

While travel insurance can certainly be a great idea, it’s very important to know what each policy actually covers so you can decide if it’s worth the cost in your case.

Does travel insurance cover COVID-19?

Unfortunately, while travel insurance covers most of the things that can go wrong on a trip, pandemic situations like the recent COVID-19 one are not covered.

However, policies do cover other natural disasters that might affect you on a trip; this includes hurricanes, snowstorms, earthquakes, or any other natural disaster.

Travel insurance can also cover medical emergency expenses that your health insurance provider might not cover at all (except in the aforesaid pandemic situation).

So what can travel insurance policies provide? 

Trip Cancellation coverage:

This will cover your expenses should the trip get canceled or otherwise delayed.  

Medical coverage:

This will reimburse you for any medical emergency expenses you might incur on your trip. If you’re suddenly sick, get hurt, or need to go to the emergency room for any reason, this coverage plan will have your back.

Replace lost or stolen luggage:

The reason why we hear so many tales about people losing luggage (or having it stolen) is… well, because it happens often. It’s easy to leave a knapsack or purse alone for just a couple seconds and come back to find it’s gone. Depending on what type of vacation you’re planning on going on, the cost of replacing your bag and the items inside can very quickly have you wishing for a vacation from your vacation. In this case, travel insurance can cover this and all types of theft; even when you’re away from your stuff.

Car travel

If you decide to rent a car on your travels and end up in an unexpected fender bender, the coverage that is included in most car rental companies’ policies will usually fall short (even if the accident itself wasn’t even your fault). What looked like a minor accident can quickly eat away at your travel budget – here’s where travel insurance can help out by paying the difference.

Can it cover the entire family?

Yes! A lot of parents are fans of travel insurance simply because of the fact it can cover the entire family on their vacation, including any rowdy kids who may tag along! If you’re a parent, you’ll never know what kind of trouble your children may get into, or when any injuries or sickness may befall them. This is why it can be especially reassuring to know you’re covered in case any of these unfortunate situations ever do happen.

MedEvac Insurance

Some companies even offer some convenient add-ons to your policy that might offer additional peace of mind for certain trips. For example, if you’re planning on going mountain climbing or going skiing, you might want to consider getting a plan that includes medical evacuation. This is especially useful for athletes, in case something were to happen on a particularly challenging endeavor and need emergency medical support.  

In truth, there are actually quite a few reasons to consider travel insurance these days. Having the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re covered in case something unfortunate were to happen –from having your luggage stolen to even natural disasters and medical evacuation– means being able to stop worrying about the “what-ifs” and enjoy your vacation like you should. You might hope you never need a policy but if you do, you will be glad you went for it.

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