(+39) 345 6454796 capritourboat@gmail.com
(+39) 345 6454796 capritourboat@gmail.com

This is a tutorial about how to book a boat tour on CapriBoatTrip.com paying directly.


Tour, date and boat selection

Select your favorite tour, select the tour date and the boat you prefer that depends on number of guests. Now click on “Proceed Booking”.


See the booking details

You must pay 20% of deposit now. So confirm the specified details and click on “Next Step”.


Insert your datas

Now insert all your contact and billing details. Specify in the notes where is your hotel only if you booked the tour including this service. Now click on “Next Step”.


Complete the payment

Click on “Agree with terms service and privacy statement”. Now select if you want pay through PayPal or Credit card through Stripe. Submit the payment.


Select the payment provider

Now is the time to choose the payment method which you want to use. PayPal and Stripe are the most secure payments solutions on the web. Using PayPal is very simple, and you can link also your bank account or credit card on this provider.



Finally you have completed the booking. We can do this type of booking (instant) because we have a lot of boat and the availability of the boats is not a problem. We require only to be informed at least 24hours before of the tour date.

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